• Visit www.office.com/setup or office.com/setup to Sign in.
  • If you don’t have a MS- Office Account, You can always create Microsoft Account.
  • After Logged in, You will need to verify your Office Setup Product Key, Country, and Language.
  • Once it’s done, You will be guided by Microsoft to Office Download Page,
  • Now Download Setup and Run File
  • You’ve got Microsoft Office after installation completed.

Ways to setup the Office 365 office.com/setup

Microsoft’s office 365 offers a lot of features for efficiently accomplishing the tasks related to computing. Many firms have used their packages for creating detailed analysis and reports. The PowerPoint package has been extensively used in the corporate arena for making comprehensive presentations.

The Price Of Microsoft Office

The cost of the package is worth it comes at a cost of about 149 US dollars. If you are interested in making use of the outlook package then you can buy the home and business package of 2019 version for the MAC platform at a price of 249 US dollars. The package has extensive features that can help you in finishing your work faster with brisk speeds. The automated features are impressive and the workflow is smooth. Overall the pricing of the product seems to be expensive but it is really worth it.

Install the Program on Your System (Windows or Mac)

  • The installation will require a key code whether you decide to install it on your pc or Mac. Start by visiting office.com/setup and then input the product key related to the office setup.
  • Now go-ahead by installing the setup of the office 2016 or 365 version on your system you can do that regardless of the operating system whether its windows or a Mac.
  • If you have signed in then you can see that your product will be activated, if not then you will require logging in the account. The download time will depend on the type of connection you have, the speeds vary and this will determine the time taken by the download.
  • Once your download has finished you can locate it by going to the directory that is usually the folder of download in many scenarios. Once you have located the file you can click on the office.com/setup file twice to initiate the installation process.
  • You will require following the set of instructions by simply clicking on the next tab until the procedure has completed. The installation wizard will guide you in installing the product on your system in a structured manner.
  • If you don’t have n account with Microsoft then you can make a new one. And click on the option of activate. You can do this in any browser but Google chrome is used by many users so it is recommended you do this step in chrome.
  • Go ahead by inputting in the address bar www.office.com/setup and press the key of enter. A page will appear on your screen having 2 options of login or signup. Proceed further by logging in if you have an account if not then create one.
  • Click on the tab of next and then you will see the option of install appearing on your screen. Click on that option and search for the key card for further entry. The size of these files will be from 1 to 2 GB.
  • Once your download has finished you can click on the file and it will ask you to choose from two option available of either open or save. You can choose the open option and then in the section of the account, you will find a tab that says enter the product key.
  • You can now type in the 25 digit code in these boxes and then click on the next tab and check the box for permission you get prompted for the package.

Finding the Product Key for office.com/setup365

Locating the product key code is easy all you require to do is check the backside of the package that you bought from the store. The key is located usually at the bottom of the package or at the top of the description. In some cases, you will have to scratch to get access to the product key. It depends on the different types of packaging. Once you have located the key code you can visit office.com/setup365 to redeem the code and obtain your product.

Downloading the Office for Windows

  • The office is universal software that is used by millions across the globe. You can simply sign-in on office.com/setup and once logged in to your account. You will see a page that has the subscriptions containing the purchase details as well.
  • You can click on the tab in the orange color for downloading the program. Clicking on the install tab again will initiate your download. When the download has finished you can click on the office.com/setup file and start the installation procedure by following the commands that appear on the installation wizard.

Downloading the Office Program for Mac

  • The office 365 can be downloaded for Mac by visiting office.com/setup or you can also pay a visit to the app store of Mac and then search for the office 365 program. You can download the application that you see on that page and install it on your system.
  • The stages of the installation will be the same as with any other OS installation of the version. You can enter the item key when prompted for it. After this, you can log in to the office account and then open my account tab and just below the membership panel you can click on the tab named install.
  • This will start the download and depending on the speed of your connection the download time will vary.

Ways for Activating the Setup of the Office. Office.com/setup

The activation process follows several approaches depending on your operating system. There are different ways to achieve activation but you can also flow one of the simplest methods for activating the program.

  • Proceed with opening the www.office.com/setup installed on your system that appears to be inactivated as of yet. You can navigate to the menu named help and then click on the option that says activate your product.
  • Now follow the window of activation for proceeding further with the details. There is another method you can use for activating the product. You can click on the start tab and go to the Microsoft office tools and then further clicking on the option of activate the product.

Microsoft Office 365 Installation and Activation

For installing the package of office 365 or for downloading you can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Visit www.office.com/setup365 and then log in to the account, you will require using the account that used for registering with Microsoft. On the home page of office 365, you can click on the office apps install button. This will now launch the download of the office on your computer.
  • Now you can navigate to the directory where the downloaded file is located. Once you have found it you can double click on office.com/setup for installation. Upon clicking you will see the options of save click on it; the other options you will see are set up and run.
  • If the system asks for changes permission then you can click on the yes tab. Once the program is installed you will be all set for activating the product to validate the copy of your purchase of the software.
  • You can now open the program of office 365 installed on your system once the interface appears you will see a dialog box asking for agreement to license terms and conditions associated with the program.
  • The activation box will pop up on your screen prompting you for inputting the product key to successfully activate your product and validate the purchase. You can enter the key code and click on submit to continue using the software.

Re-Installation of the Office Setup 2019

  • For re-installing the product on your system you can type in the product key of the old version. The office setup can be reinstalled on our system. You will require visiting office.com/setup and then logging into the account of Microsoft.
  • After this, download the edition of the subscription of the office program which you had been using. Once you have downloaded it you can install the setup by going through the steps that are mentioned above. Reboot the system for applying the changes.

The Business Edition | office 2016 setup

Microsoft also provides the business edition for office 2016. It is available in various variants that you can get and install on the computer.

  • Start with signing in to the account of Microsoft by visiting www.office.com/setup, and browse to locate the business suite of office and choose the option of install.
  • After this, you can click on the options of save, run or setup which depends on the type of browser you are using. If the changes ask for permission then you can click on the yes button and continue further. Once you see the pop up that says installation is complete then click on ok to finish the procedure.
  • The business suite version can be activated by agreeing to the conditions that appear in the licensing agreement. You can click on the pop up that appears after opening the program.
  • This pop up will ask you for the activation code, or the product code successfully activating the key code.

Are You Facing Problems With The Office Setup?

If you are facing issues related to office products then you can get support via browsing related to the errors or you can go the support page of Microsoft for further details.

Repairing the Office

There are times when users face issues related to office.com/setup and these can result in frustration unless the error or the issue has been resolved. The office packages include excel and PowerPoint programs that can sometimes run into errors related to run time or installation. If these errors are not fixed on their own then they require repair which can be done by simply following the steps mentioned below.

  • Start with right-clicking on the windows start tab and then click on the option that says features and apps, it can be accessed on the menu that appears after right-clicking on the start tab.
  • Now you can click on the app of the office that requires modification and then choose the option of modify. You can click on the option that says change the installation. After that click on the option of repair.
  • For the click to run a version of the office.com/setup click on the option of how would you want to proceed for repairing the office program. Then go ahead by clicking on the option online repair and then on repair tab. After this, you can follow the instructions that appear in the pop up for successfully repairing the package of office.

New Features in the Office 2019 and Updates

Office 2019 has come up with exciting new features that have shown improvement in the efficiency of the program, there are plenty of features which include the latex math equation with additional functions related to excel. 

  • You can also alter the animator feature in the PowerPoint package. The translator feature from Microsoft in the programs of excel and word along with PowerPoint has significantly improved the capabilities of the software.
  • The zooming in feature has made it easy to view slides better in PowerPoint. Not only that the navigation of the surface pen slides in PowerPoint is really useful for the users.
  • The vector graphics for word excel and PowerPoint allow much in scalability and this is the feature that is only present in the software version of 2019.

More Useful Features and Updates

The Microsoft office 2019 package comes in many variants and the updates that come alongside it are worth the package.

  • You can now transform the content into several discourses in the package while operating on the word. It is now easy to effectively be able to render the slides in the package of PowerPoint.
  • The record can be easily deciphered in the word document; the records can be kept progressively open with the facility of accessibility checker.
  • Distributing the spreadsheet in excel to power b has been made easy. Making use of the refreshed cards of rundown in Microsoft outlook is another new addition in office 2019.

Uninstalling the product for installing new versions

  • Begin with opening the control panel you should note that opening the control panel differs depending on the version of windows you have installed on your system. Further, you can choose the programs tab and then click on the option that states features and programs.
  • After these steps, you can right-click on the office tab and then choose to uninstall the product and click yes if you get prompted for confirmation. You can follow the steps in the wizard to completely uninstall the office.com/setup from the computer.
  • When you have finished you can click on the restart button then reboot the machine for applying the changes.

The Features Related To Client Limitation in Office 365

  • You can manage the settings related to the team calling and also manage the delegates. The calls can be made on behalf of a different contact, handling calls is possible if the configuration is set according to a delegate.
  • Management of calls in a high volume is possible not just that initiating responses via a call to a group is also possible.

Continuing With the Microsoft Setup Online

  • Proceed with clicking on the start tab and then navigate to all apps to verify that your product has been installed. You will require entering the details of the login, and it will ask you for the product key.
  • Go ahead by filling in the details that are necessary for signing up. Input in the product key and then press the key of enter.
  • After this open your browser and then navigate to office.com/setup for signing in. once done click on the button of download. You can select the membership from the options related to memberships of the office.

Salient Features of the Office 365

  • It comes in many variants and offers applications that can be downloaded such as the ppt, word, and excel to name a few. It comes with windows 10 compatibility and has the feature of teams and group collaboration.
  • You get plenty of forms for quizzes, polls, and surveys. The workflows are enhanced for better productivity and the planner task organizing feature just maximizes the efficiency of the software.
  • You can also stream with the video-sharing provision, getting personal info in the work is possible with office delve. The power bi features gives dashboards that come with dynamic data drive.
  • The digital notebooks feature of one note is a bonus the one drive file storage system is indispensable. You can get plenty of help related to office.com/setup if you are experiencing trouble operating it on your system. Troubleshooting the issues no matter the type is possible.

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